Links to all the fun PDF's on this site. Just click on the image for each description.


PDF 01: Stair Struck
Paul Dorpat describes the scene at one of Queen Anne's oldest stairs in one of his famous "then and now" sequences.

PDF 02: Cross Hill Extravaganza

A set of stairs on the North Side...

PDF 03: Map--Haunted Hike of Queen Anne

A special tour of the "haunted" stairs of the hill--this one's so special there's a certificate to claim after you've hiked it!

PDF 04: Map--Galer Chain

A special tour of the "Galer Chain"

PDF 05: Map--Interbay Saunter

--Trek to the western edge of Queen Anne!
PDF 06: Map--Nee Fremont

--An uncommon view of the Queen Anne Drive bridge can be seen on this hike!!
PDF 07: Map--Uptown Loop

--This hike has "vertical" and great views of downtown!
PDF 08: Map--West Queen Anne Boulevard Stroll

--Hike these stairs and you're in for a historic time!

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